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"IN THE NAME OF HELP portrays the horrors that we face when our emotional moorings drift loose and the consequences that arise from our misplaced faith in 'professionals' who could very well be suffering from a greater spiritual sickness than we are. It is also a tale of genuine love and the redeeming value of loyalty and true friendship." - MATTHEW J. PALLAMARY, Author of Land Without Evil, San Diego, California "Although fiction, IN THE NAME OF HELP has the loud ring of truth [about] psychiatric atrocities which are continuing today in virtually every 'mental health' facility in the United States and Canada. Through this book, Diane Klein has made an important contribution to our continuing struggle against psychiatric fascism and for human rights." - DON WEITZ, antipsychiatry activist, radio producer, and co-editor of Shrink Resistant: The Struggle Against Psychiatry in Canada
"IN THE NAME OF HELP is one of the most important stories of our time. It could have happened to anyone." - BARBARA AYASH, International Woman of the Year, International Freedom Medal Winner "Your book has touched me in ways I never dreamed possible. We are all responsible for our fellow man, so lets work together in this shoulder to shoulder effort to rid this planet of all criminal psychiatrists. There are workable, drugless abuse free, legal, alternatives for people in need. Psychiatry is not part of the cure, it is the problem. Thanks Diane." - SHELDON BAUER, Clearwater, Florida
"Diane Klein's novel IN THE NAME OF HELP, dramatically illustrates that psychiatry and psychology are too important to be left in the hands of professionals." - GERALD ANGELO CIRRINCIONE, host of the radio program TOWARD 3000, San Diego, California "In the tradition of the novels of Charles Dickens, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Charlotte Bronte and many others, Diane Klein's novel depicts a social condition that must be changed, and must be made clear to a much larger number of people in order to bring about a demand for change. In the Name Of Help suggests an ideal toward which society can evolve, if we grasp Diane's message and care to make it happen." - KARIN KOSKI, Portland, Oregon
"Klein details with well-researched authenticity how profit and political gain motives, force Cathryn to remain for many years drugged and incarcerated in psychiatric institutions, the kind of horror Kate Millett described in her much earlier book, 'The Loony-Bin Trip.' One of the key elements of Klein's story is the law, and some people distorted by various forms of greed who use the law, specifically the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, that allows a complete stranger to become someone's legal conservator and force them into proscribed, institutionalized lives, subjected to involuntary medication and essentially imprisonment. All executed 'in the name of help.' Fortunately for the Cathryn of this novel, she has friends who use the law and their own considerable wits and courage to finally secure a release for Cathryn from this terrifying life of bondage and suppression of the talents she only started to develop in her earlier life. " DOUGLAS EBY, Beverly Hills, California

"A wake-up call to a 'Free Country'. If you think you live in a free country where you are free to do as you please as long as you hurt no one, read this book! Diane Klein does a superb job of demonstrating Psychiatry's role in the prostitution of our justice system. It clearly showshow profit and political gain motives are used for incarceration in psychiatric institutions -- in the name of help. The book also explores relationships and the potential of a determined person who is acting with genuine interest to help. By the end of the book, you can be sure that there is hope, there is help and YOU can do something about it." - GARY BAREN


"I'd like to suggest a novel by Diane Klein, 'In the Name of Help.' This first novel by Ms. Klein is more than an interesting story. It is a chockful-of-truth wake-up call for all of us for whom it is not yet too late." Sincerely, BILL ANTHONY, Los Angeles  
"On one level, this is a well-written, very real love story. It's a novel about two people growing up in the '60s -- who finally really grow up in the '90s. DON'T read this novel if you are easily scared. Because by the time you've finished it, you will know that someone COULD be about to knock on your door, to haul you away to a shortened life of misery and horror... in the name of help." - RICH BYRD, Clearwater, Florida "I have just finished the book. It has a powerful message. I would love to recommend the book [to] Oprah. Congratulations for having both the talent and the guts to live your dream this way." - ELISABETH

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